1 juin 2018

Summer Competition - MAHI LEATHER


Summer is right around the corner and I am more than excited about it... But would not be be? I would say it's certainly the best time of the year, enabling so many activities think about sunset, think about long day at the beach, think about drinks with friends around a fire and looking at the stars, think about the smell of suncream..... But also think about holidays !

There is nothing better than switching your out-of-office on and relocate to a beach, while getting there can be a little less fun....
You may have already planned or are planning your holidays ? We all know how difficult it is to plan your holidays and even more to pack all of your essentials for your holidays..... I personally always struggle with my suitcase! And I must confess in my "life of packing", I've learnt through my mistakes wherever I was going ... With this frequent mistake that I was packing too many clothes and only wore at best 1/3 of those ... I am sure you too shared a similar experience?

So I am pleased to share with you here below some few tips that I've learnt which hopefully will help you planning your next holidays, improving the average ratio of 50% of clothes packed in the suitcase effectively worn, and much more important will help you to enjoy your holidays !

- Pack on outfits on a day by day basis so you know exactly what to wear and how (do not hesitate to make trials at home before your departure and make sure all fit-shoes,accessories- together.)
- Pack in color scheme: Organize your suitcase by color scheme ,which will definetly improve your global appearance.
- Build outfit around classic pieces: always bring your favorite and basic pieces (for example denim jean, white tee). No doubt you will feel happy and comfortable wearing these classic items
- Be organized on your essential items : Make sure you have your basic travel items prepared together ( a pre-packed travel wash bag, a beauty travel essentials bag)
- Do not forget to start with a check list thoroughly thought, and make sur you have the appropriate solid bag to wear all your items
- Finally roll your clothes in your suitcase: Ok this might sounds scary but believe me you will save a lot of space and your clothes won't come out creased

I believe this is some basic tips but hopefully it will help you packing and mainly enjoy your summer holidays!

But before letting you go, and packing for your summer holiday, the Mahi Leather company opened up a competition with the opportunity to win every two weeks a personalized leather backpack (worth up to $150). It's very simple, you only need to sign up to their mailing list for a chance to win and you can enter as many times as you want.... Hurry up, only in May and June! Click here to start being lucky!

Don't forget to tell me your next holiday destination!




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